Performance Test 1.2.0

Hey guys, we have a quick update that fixes some stuff we found after publicly shipping, thanks to your feedback!

We'd also like to address a few common issues with the performance test:

  • Vulkan crashing on exit: normal, your data will send. Essentially the crash is saying that the Vulkan renderer closed.
  • Program not launching: Please try the app. This solves many issues, and also produces better errors in case the issue is not fixed.
  • Linux version: we weren't able to ship a stable version at this time. Hopefully we will be able to share one in a future update. Please do not use Wine to run the test, as this will produce bad data for us.
  • Virus detected: This is a false positive, due to the game being new and the shortcuts using a .bat to .exe converter to select command line arguments for the rendering interface.


  • Fixed shadow artifacting
  • Tuned ambient occlusion
  • Rebaked reflection environment
  • Forced exclusive fullscreen
  • Force disabled V-Sync
  • Fixed some analytics data not properly reporting
  • Disabled level streaming hysteresis to prevent delayed clean up
  • Fixed cases of hitches from level streaming
  • Reduced memory packing strictness due to favorable metrics
  • Improved particle performance with async ticking
  • Tuned file open order to reduce read latency
  • Fixed color grading LUT to better match the lighting style of the performance test
  • Fixed some limitations with alternative renderers that were causing instability and low performance


Performance Test for Windows 719 MB
Version 1.2.0 Oct 27, 2018

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