Performance Test 1.3.0

Heya hiya, another day, another performance test version. This time around we've got Linux (as promised <3), performance optimizations thanks to your help, and many bug fixes.


  • Linux support!
  • Support for multi-monitor configurations through command line option -monitor=x
    • For example, launch the executable with -monitor=2 to run on your second monitor.
    • The game will default to your first monitor if this option is not specified
  • Enforced exclusive fullscreen (for real this time)
    •  If you still don't fullscreen, you may have to reset your settings by deleting the projectborealis_ue folder in %localappdata%
  • Rewrote Windows launcher executables to solve anti-virus false positives and improve launch logic
  • Fixed the primary display adapter being used as the GPU rather than the renderer GPU
  • Use friendly names for rendering interfaces
  • Enhanced shadow and lighting detail in final room
  • Optimized renderer performance
  • Fixed many cases of crashes


Performance Test for Windows 719 MB
Version 1.3.0 Oct 28, 2018
Performance Test for Linux 820 MB
Version 1.3.0 Oct 28, 2018

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Running test with 2 monitors active seems to run it on the left most display.


On my 4k monitor the vulcan windows used a quarter of the screen (1080p) while the others scaled up to proper fullscreen.

The vulcan windows crashes when i click 'send and close' or 'close' instead of closing.

can't launch. For 100000 times.

My spec is:

OS :Windows 10 Home 64-bit.
Processor: :AMD FX-9800P 2.70 Ghz

have a good score to play this game somedays.

I use Linux, but on start the game is crashed.

This is the log:


The DX11 no longer gets quarantined by AVG antivirus, but the DX10 still does.


Thanks for supporting Linux on this!