Performance Test 1.2.1

Heyo, this is a quick update that will hopefully fix some more crash issues and launch problems.


Performance Test for Windows 719 MB
Version 1.2.1 Oct 27, 2018

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My game still isn't running. Guys, look at the DX10 version, because as i see only cards with nothing but dx10 support have problems with running the game !

The update fixed the issue for me. I ran the test with Discord and Steam open, seeing as how that's the way I'd run the actual game. Is it worth running the test again with different settings, like enabling the simple renderer? I guess I won't for now because I wouldn't want to skew the data by sending multiple reports from my hardware, which doesn't really represent the average computer.

Running with different rendering just gives us more data about how those settings affect different systems, so we encourage you to do it if you can.


Not launch.....(Version 1.2.1)